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Friday, May 1 2020 - Grande Meadows Golf Course Members Update May 1

Grande Meadows

Course Update

May 1, 2020

I would think that everyone has heard the news by now that golf courses in Newfoundland will be allowed to open in May so our that fits in well with Grande Meadows targeted opening date of May 14 for members and May 15 for non-members. We will, however, operate under certain restrictions. Golf NL in conjunction with its member golf courses have been working on and will continue to work on guidelines for opening. I would assume Golf NL in conjunction with the provincial government as well as Chief Medical Officer Dr. Janice Fitzgerald will finalize those guidelines in the not too distant future. I will endeavor to pass those along here as soon I receive them.

There are many questions we cannot answer for you right now as we don't know which guidelines will be in place. For instance Dr. Fitzgerald said today in her remarks that clubhouses will not allowed to be open. We will have to figure out going forward what that means to us. So questions about whether tee times will be 10, 12, 15 minutes or more apart will have to wait until the guidelines are set. Suffice to say that golf as we have become accustomed to at Grande Meadows will see a few changes as we get used to the so called “new normal”.

We are hoping that this new information will serve as an impetus for members to pay up their membership fees as soon as they are able. I want to remind you that e-transfer is available by sending your fees to You can also reach out to Kim at 567-0313. As well of course fees can be mailed to Grande Meadows Golf Course, P. O. Box 80, Frenchman's Cove, NL A0E 1R0. You can check with Kim at the email above or by phone to see when she will be at the golf course.

As well over the next while we will check into setting up online tee times at Grande Meadows. If done it will have to be through the Fore System in place at the clubhouse through a link on the Grande Meadows webpage. I will report back next week if we have anything figured out in that regard.

As well Grande Meadows Golf Course is offering a reduced membership fee to any person who was not an individual or corporate associate member of Grande Meadows Golf Course in 2019 of $500.00 plus HST which includes RCGA membership. If you know of any person who would like to take advantage of this deal to contact Kim at 567-0313 or Bill at 277-1101.

Even though the course isn't open for members to play golf you are welcome to walk the course to check out the conditions providing that the rules of social distancing are followed.

All the best and stay safe.



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