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Friday, May 8 2020 - Grande Meadows Golf Course Members Update May 8

Grande Meadows

Course Update

May 8, 2020

Hole # 7 taken Thursday morning May 7 by Bill Lee.

First of all a special Mothers Day wich to all our members who are moms as well as those moms who are the better half of our other members. Hope you have a great day on Sunday and everyday.

The good news is that we will be able to golf at Grande Meadows on Thursday May 14 which was our originally scheduled first day of golf for 2020. Thursday is for members only and the course will open to the public on Friday May 15. You may call the clubhouse on Wednesday after 9:00am to book a tee time.

However, we will be opening up under some different conditions from which we have become accustomed.



The Board is in the process of putting together a memo to send by email to all 2019 and 2020 members to date by Monday evening or Tuesday detailing some of the guidelines we have put in place in order to get our season started. We know you will have many questions just as we do but at the moment we do not have all the answers. Please be patient and considerate of your fellow golfers as we navigate through some rough times.

What follows today are some general things to expect when you come to play golf this year. We remind everyone that we are operating under protocols put in place by the Provincial Government and we must obey these guidelines or risk the possibility of losing the privilege to play golf. See the provincial guidelines as well as the Golf NL recommendations by clicking the links below.

Provincial Government Guidelines  Note: 3 amendments to be made to those guidelines soon. They are regarding rental of pull carts, on course washrooms and tee time intervals.

Golf NL Recommendations

Grande Meadows will begin the season with 12 minute tee times beginning at 8:00am and ending at 6:00pm with back 9's scheduled for 2 hours. If this works well it may be possible to reduce those tee times as well as changing the starting time. Hopefully we will learn as we go and be able to improve. According to Government of NL regulations we have to keep distancing on the course so there will be no playing through. If you are playing by yourself or in a group of 2 or 3 golfers you cannot catch up to the group in front of you. You will have to pace yourself accordingly so that there is no more than one foursome at a tee box and one foursome group a green.

You must book a tee time as by government regulation there will be no walk-ons. We cannot stress that enough so please call ahead and book your time. If at all possible we suggest you book a foursome but it is not mandatory but it may eliminate some frustrations with having to wait for the group in front of you.

You are allowed to use your scores for handicap purposes if you have signed up with the RCGA. As a result of the Covid-19 crisis the RCGA has made temporary adjustments to the rules which allow golfers to use scores even if they do not hole out according to The Rules of Golf. Check the link below to read their explanation.

RCGA Handicap Covid-19 Guidelines

As you know our course has struggled financially the past few years and this year looks like it may be a continuation of that struggle as we are beginning the season with no pro shop, bar, tournaments, Men's Night, or Ladies Night as well as limited canteen facilities with curb side pick up only. As well you cannot use cash to pay at the clubhouse – it has to be debit or credit card.

As well Grande Meadows Golf Course is offering a reduced membership fee to any person who was not an individual or corporate associate member of Grande Meadows Golf Course in 2019 of $500.00 plus HST which includes RCGA membership. There is also a reduced membership fee for youth 24 and under as well as full time students. Some people have taken advantage of those deals already. If you know of any person who would like to take advantage of this deal contact Kim at 567-0313 or Bill at 277-1101.

Even though the course isn't open for members to play golf you are welcome to walk the course to check out the conditions providing that the rules of social distancing are followed.

All the best and stay safe.



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